We Buy Your Mortgage Owned House in Stockton

Do you need to move, or are you having problems paying your house’s mortgage? Whatever the reason may be of wishing to sell your mortgage house in Stockton, you might have noticed it’s not as simple as many people think.

It’s common to see people selling their home before their loan gets paid; however, like any other house, there’s a long selling process that can take around 90 days or more. When you require moving or have financial issues, continuing paying a mortgage for so long is not practical.

A New Solution To An Old Problem

However, there’s a more effortless outcome that saves you time and money, selling your home to a home investor like Perpetual Motions.

At Perpetual Motions, we buy your mortgage owned house in Stockton, regardless of the condition of the house, we take the stress away from you and can buy it almost immediately. 


How Perpetual Motions Works

After seeing so many distressed homeowners, tired of waiting, paying commissions, taxes, and more to sell their house. And at the end of all the expenses getting little to no money for their home, we decided to invest and bring another solution.

Perpetual Motions buys your house for a fair cash offer, usually below the market price; however, after taking out all the expenses, you end up with more money than waiting to sell through the traditional listing way or real estate agencies. 

Save Money While Selling Your Home

A great advantage we offer is that you don’t have to stress and spend money on making changes, repairs of cleaning your home, before selling. We will buy your house as-is, no need for you to spend more money at all in it. 

You all save more money because you don’t need to do any of the following things:

  • Pay commissions or fees. Real estate agents will have at least a 6% commission fee, while with us, you don’t pay anything.
  • Closing Costs. Another expense you don’t need to worry about, as Perpetual Motions covers it.
  • Do appraisals. Say goodbye to appraisals; we make cash offers on the spot.
  • Wait to find a buyer. With us, in just days, you can be holding the cash for your house. 

You are just minutes away from getting the best cash offer for your mortgage home, get in touch with us, and see how easy your stress will go away.