Sell My House Fast in Modesto, CA

Are you stressed and have been wondering and asking yourself, “how can I sell my house fast in Modesto, CA?” If you have been trying to sell a house in Modesto for some time, you might have noticed; it’s not as easy as many people think. In fact, according to several real estate agencies, to find a buyer and sell a house, it can easily take around 90 days.

There are numerous difficult situations in life for which you wouldn’t like to nor be able to wait that long. If you can’t keep waiting or if you don’t want to deal with all the hassle of selling your house, Perpetual Motion Properties can help. We are home investors in Modesto, and we have enough equity to buy any house or property fast.


Advantages of selling to Perpetual Motions

We have been in business for so many years that we understand how stressful, tiresome, or burdensome it can be to try to sell a house fast. So we decided to bring a solution to all the Modesto residents, especially to those that are going through a divorce, foreclosure, owe back taxes, or any other situation that makes it impossible to keep waiting for the right buyer.

We can instead make an offer within 24 hours, with no obligation of accepting it. Other advantages are:

  • Decrease the months of waiting, to just days. In as easy as 7 days you could get the money for your house
  • You don’t have to pay any fee or commission
  • You don’t pay closing costs, when usually with other companies you have to cover 2% on average
  • You choose the closing date
  • Forget about the need for inspection and financing contingency
  • You don’t have to worry about making repairs to the house
  • We pay in cash
  • No appraisals needed

One of our happy clients say:

“Quite often, investors are willing to pay cash for a home, and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.”

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You can be one more of our happy clients, easy, fast, and stress-free. You could be getting cash for your home too. Let us help you and forget about all your financial problems.