5 Reasons Why to Choose Homebuyers Over Real State Agents

There’s still a significant number of people that prefer to sell their house with the help of real estate agents. However, nowadays, the number of people that sell to homebuyers has increased and keeps increasing after finding out the many benefits they get.

For some, it’s a time management reason and for others a way to avoid the hassle and stress. Anyhow, we have five good reasons why you should be selling your house to a homebuyer too over a real estate agent:

Reason 1: Save Time & Money

Real estate agents have a process in place that consists of listing your home and doing open houses to find the right buyer. This process can take an average of 90 days or more long. During that waiting time, you will still need to take care of utilities, taxes, insurance, mortgage, and any other expense involved in owning the house.

Compared to a homebuyer, homebuyers don’t list your house because they are the ones buying it. They usually have enough money to pay you in cash, making the whole process much simple and fast. Within just days, you could be selling your home.

Reason 2: No Need To Make Changes Or Repairs

Many real estate agents will request to make changes to your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. All of this can be paid upfront or sometimes deducted when your house gets sold. If there are parts, windows, doors, etc. that need to get repaired, you will have to cover those expenses too.

With a homebuyer, however, you forget about changes, repairs, cleaning, etc. Homebuyers buy houses as-is in any condition, including those that have suffered a storm or fire damage.

Reason 3: No Commissions or Hidden Fees To Pay

Real estate agents will get a commission over the sale, and they also might have hidden fees. Let’s say between commissions and other fees, the agent asks for 12%. If you sell your house for $70,000 you will have to pay $8,400 in commissions and fees.

While with a homebuyer, there are no commissions or fees. You get paid what you are offered from the beginning.

Reason 4: Forget About The Closing Costs

Forget about the closing costs or releasing your property, although real estate agents do the paperwork for you, you still have to pay closing costs. With a homebuyer, you forget about everything, as they are the ones taking care of it and assuming the costs. 

Reason 5: No Need To Invest In Appraisals

Selling with a real estate agent will always require doing an appraisal first. While with homebuyers, there’s no need, you get a cash offer instead.

These are just a few of the reasons why many people now prefer to sell their house to a homebuyer over real estate agents. If you want to know more or get an offer made for your home, we invite you to get in contact with us, Perpetual Motions.